Welcome to the EveryBand WikiEdit

This is a Wiki about bands and singers.

The ultimate aim is to have entries for every known band - OK, that won't ever happen, but I'm happy for people to try!

Unlike Wikipedia, there are no "notability" rules. If you are a band, or a fan of a band, or know about a band, you can create a page here - just click on the "Add a page" links.

One word of warning - please try not to copy straight from Wikipedia! If you must then make sure that you credit Wikipedia (see Reusing Wikipedia content and Citing Wikipedia) However, it is preferable that you write the entry in your own words, even if you use some information from Wikipedia (although it would be nice to leave a comment on the article's talk page along the lines of "Some of the content of this article is based on the Wikipedia article", and then cite the Wikipedia article)

Please do tell any bands you know about this wiki - especially if they have tried and failed to get a Wikipedia article.


What is this Wiki really about?Edit

This wiki exists to enable bands and fans to create pages for themselves, without all that "tedious" notability stuff at Wikipedia!

I agree totally with Wikipedia's stance - only bands which can be shown to be notable should have an article on THERE (it is a general encyclopedia, not a music one).

This Wiki, however, has no such criteria. If you have reliable independent references, that'd be fantastic - but it is not an absiolute requirement here.

Tell people about this Wiki - if there are enough people using it, perhaps Wikipedia can add it to their Alternative outlets page!

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