Hälberwolf is an independent rock band out of St. Johnsbury VT, founded in 2015. The band consists of Russ Hayes (guitar and vocals), Duane Berry (bass), and Chris Allin (drums), and took its name from members' last names H(ayes)-Al(lin)-Ber(ry)-wolf, which translates roughly to "half wolf" in German.

The band got its start playing at restaurants, house parties, and bars in Northeastern Vermont in the summer of 2015. Hälberwolf's musical direction was self-described as "all kinds of rock music," which fans enjoyed as a variety of styles, and critics described as unfocused.

The band's first single, "Reflection," released independently in 2015 failed to chart, although it was featured on a few Vermont and New Hampshire radio programs, and the band's first album Hälberwolf, which was released on March 5th, 2016, was critically panned for its lack of consistent style, and sold fewer than 50 copies.

As of Autumn of 2016, Hälberwolf can be seen playing in bars and clubs in Vermont and New Hampshire.

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