TaraElla - Not That Kind of Retro - Lyric Video03:16

TaraElla - Not That Kind of Retro - Lyric Video

TaraElla is a plus-sized model, celebrity blogger and singer-songwriter. She has TaraElla in 2012 been writing and performing music since 2003. Previously, she mainly worked on music without lyrics, but is currently focusing on making music with vocals, which began with the release of the first single Beauty in 2010.


Early AlbumsEdit

  1. Party Magic (2009)
  2. Beauty (album) (2010)
    1. Beauty (single) (2010)
  3. Anthem of Idealists (album) (2011)
    1. Anthem of Idealists (single) (2011)

More Recent ReleasesEdit

  1. Beauty 2013 Remix (digital single) (2013)
  2. Anthem of Idealists 2013 Remix (digital single) (2013)
  3. The Real World is Overrated (single) (2014)
  4. Not That Kind of Retro (single) (2014)


TaraElla's Books SeriesEdit

In these books, she writes about the basics of her beliefs and way of life.

  1. TaraElla Books #1: The TaraElla Way to Life
  2. TaraElla Books #3: Freedom and Empowerment
  3. TaraElla Books #4: The Self Made Star Book
  4. TaraElla Books #5: Multicultural and Inclusive Spirituality


Eastlands Dreaming (2010)

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